Our Sustainability-by-design

Our unique impact model

We put all our effort to build a sustainable project, from the organic residues collecting to the use of natural resources as insects and solar energy.

We decided to create technologies and processes with the lowest footprint on our planet in comparison with the competing insects breeding models.

Our three key drivers are NATURE, MODULARITY and EFFICIENCY.

We created an innovative technology that enables a unique circular process throughout Black Soldier Fly life cycle with the intention to generate a positive and measurable enviromental impact alongside a financial return for all the stakeholders, such as farmers, biogas plants owners, waste producers, municipalities, feed and chemical industries.




Our impact measurement

A research based on key impact factors in the waste management industry, such as safety, efficiency, waste reduction, value of the output and others, demonstrated that our impact is much more positive than other ones.

Our impact on waste derivatives value

Nowadays the two most common organic residues disposal methods are anaerobic digestion – to produce biogas – and composting. Both of them are based on incentives on charge of citizens.