Our products

Protein flours

Our protein flours are a special ingredient to produce the best healthy meal for different farm animal species, aquaculture and pets.
We mix different organic residues to customise our protein flours for our clients needs.
We created an easily digestible protein element for feed with great palatability and suitable for hypoallergenic animals.

High value protein oils

This product is a great ingredient for functional diets that provides a fast energy source due to high levels of easily digestible medium-chain fatty acids, especially for younger animals.
We fixed how to solve the problem of animals suffering of digestive problems and having an impaired nutrient absorption.

Strong fertilizer

The residual digestate from insect feeding is a high-value organic soil conditioner as it contains many nutrients with an excellent N-P-K ratio.
It improves and reactivates the microbiological life in soil.
Furthermore, due to the presence of chitin, crops are more protected from fungi or parasites.


It is one of the most natural biopolymers: flexible and hard, degradable by specific enzymes.
Those characteristics are very useful to manufacture surgical sutures, bandages and also synthetic leather.
Chitin has also the unusual feature of accelerating wound healing, strictly connected with chitosan (chitin derived) and with the immune system of plants and animals.